Black Market Tiers For CoD Points

Treyarch has released today’s notes for the game setting update applied to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. You can now spend your CoD Points on tiers for Blackout amoungst other things,



  • Black Ops Pass owners now receive a one-time bonus of 1,000 COD Points and 300 Nebulium Plasma.

  • COD Points can now be used to advance Black Market Tiers, access Special Orders in the Black Market, and acquire Nebulium Plasma in Zombies on PS4 (other platforms to follow next week).

  • Special Orders now available in Black Market on PS4 (other platforms to follow next week).


  • Create-a-Class

    • Resolved an error associated with equipping a Signature Weapon, equipping an attachment, then re-equipping the same Signature Weapon.

    • Resolved an error associated with removing a Signature Weapon with any attachment equipped.


  • Full parties of 6 can now play in Chaos Domination.


  • Miscellaneous

    • Resolved an issue where Camos did not apply properly to weapons.

    • Resolved an issue where the incorrect Pack-a-Punch Camo was applied to a weapon with attachments equipped.

PC Specific:

  • General

    • Incorporated changes detailed in yesterday’s console game update.

    • Enabled Timeline Editor in Theater.

    • Resolved an issue that triggered a UI error when editing an Emblem.

  • Stability Improvements

    • Resolved crashes during the first seconds after launching the game.

    • Resolved crashes when exiting the game.

    • Resolved crashes when dropping from a match.

    • Resolved crashes when changing the graphics settings.

    • Resolved crashes in the checkout page.

    • Resolved rendering issues with some special effects when playing with a wide FOV.

    • Resolved rendering issues with “missing” grass in Blackout.

  • Weapon Balancing

    • Additional PC-specific weapon balancing is in the works, as some weapons have performed differently in the PC meta compared to consoles. Please keep an eye on /u/TreyarchPC for full PC update details.

Source: Reddit

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