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A new patch 1.03 for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has gone live on PlayStation 4 and it’s a big one. The patch is 8.9GB in size.

With the new patch will come the new Black Market system.

Blackout (PC)

  • Players can now report other users after the Killcam

  • Fixed an issue where the field of view wasn’t properly reset to 3rd person FOV when using a 3rd person emote

Zombies (PC)

  • Fixed and issue where users would sometime experience a crash in high waves on IX

General Changes (PC)

  • CodCaster is now enabled.

  • Supported “Sprint Cancels Reload” option for Mouse and Keyboard

  • Fixed an issue where right-clicking in the Scoreboard would prevent mouse functionality

  • Fixed an issue where the Helion Salvo’s Fast Lock had an option to customize it

  • Fixed an issue where equipping a Helion Salvo with any Camo and Fast Lock led to a crash

  • Fixed an issue in the paintshop where paintjob preview wasn’t rendering properly

  • Fixed an issue where View Distance settings was inverted in the graphics options

  • Fixed an issue on “Cymbal Monkey Throw Mode” that did not behave like other grenades when “On Press” is active

Stability Fixes (PC)

  • Improved network connection stability when using voice chat

  • General stability fixes

Performance (PC)

  • Fixed an issue that should help users reporting stuttering reach better performance. We’ll continue monitoring the performance closely to keep working on improvements.

Source: Reddit

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