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Treyarch and Activision have announced that with today’s update will see the return of the Black Market to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. It will be available first on PlayStation 4 for seven days and then on all systems.

The Black Market serves as the one-stop shop for awesome gear and new ways to express yourself in Black Ops 4 and brings big changes to give players more options to earn and enjoy new content. 

There will be plenty of gear and characters for you to aim for,

  • All-New Blackout Characters– New playable characters will be released with each new Operation.
  • Signature Weapons
  • Specialists Outfits – Cool customization content built around themes for all Specialists in-game; you can even mix and match the look of your character within outfit sets.
  • Tags / Gestures – Whether you’re taunting opponents or celebrating a victory, Tags and Gestures are a perfect way to express yourself in the game.

The new Contraband system will have special limited-time events as well during the cycle of the game. Also, Blackjacks Shop is due to come back in November allowing you a place to directly purchase certain pieces of gear for a limited time.

Source: Activision

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