Impressed To Say The Least!

GameInformer staff were given access to play the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout for two hours at Treyarch and here is a summary a Reddit user put together of what they had to say,

  • They didn’t get as much hype as expected when the cover story was announced. Most likely due to COD franchise fatigue & BR fatigue

  • Plays more like PUBG than Fortnite (like a super smooth PUBG)

  • As long as the beta goes well, Blackout will probably be a big success

  • The devs at Treyarch are really excited about Blackout

  • Played with full 80 players (studio heads, designers & testers)

  • Endless opportunities to combine different perks, equipment, vehicles, etc. to create a tactical advantage (chopper + sensor dart, RC car + sensor dart, etc.)

  • As the circle gets smaller, it gets more “intense” – more hallucinations & distortions in late game

  • Vehicles & equipment won’t work outside the circle

  • Vehicles are very easy to drive/fly – Land/sea vehicles use sticks to move forward/backward, not triggers

  • Vehicles are not difficult to destroy

  • Craziest moment in testing so far was a 3-way chopper fight in the air

  • Grapple Gun can only be used 5 times – all gear has limited uses

  • Blackout is the most diverse BR experience created (Each area feels organic in the world, but unique places to visit)

  • Bunkers below Nuketown that is partially flooded

  • Nuketown Sign shows number of players on the island itself, not the entire map

  • There are a lot of things you can interact with in the environment (like the basketball court in Estates)

  • Map doesn’t feel small at all. Feels perfectly sized for this game.

  • Sprinting from Estates to Factory takes 5 minutes – you have to be sprinting the whole time to make it in that time

  • Previous iteration had craftables where you had to find pieces to assemble different gear/abilities

  • AI Zombies show a beacon of light above them. 5-8 zombies total. Not a big threat outside of making noise to attract other players.

  • One size backpack – Navigating backpack/enemy death stash is very easy & intuitive

  • Quests to unlock characters – have to find an item in the map tied to that character (battery’s war machine) and do a specific task related to that item/character – higher tier skins have more difficult quests

  • “The game is about finding items, not searching for items”

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