What Is Heist?

Treyarch today hosted a live stream to talk about the upcoming week 2 for the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Beta. During that stream, they announced and new game mode for Black Ops 4 called Heist that will be playable during week 2 of the beta. The beta is due to start Friday 10am PT and run until Monday 10am PT.

Heist has two teams, you have to grab the cash and take it to the helicopter extraction in order to win the game. Once you pick up the bag of cash a location will appear on the map for where to drop it off, a helicopter will start to fly in, you drop the bag of cash off at the extraction point to win.

The game mode is round based and you have limited lives in the game. If you are taken down, you can be revived by your teammates.

There is no create a class in Heist and all gameplay features are earned throughout the match,

BO4 Heist

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