New Weapons, Gear & Map

Going live today in Call of Duty: WWII is the new Days of Summer event right through until August 28.

There are three new weapons coming,

  • SMG: Ribeyrolles
    WWII Ribeyrolles
  • Sniper: 3 Line Snipers
    WWII 3-Line Rifle
  • Automaton
    WWII Automaton

The new map that will be coming is called Sandbox and it will be available first on PlayStation 4. In this map, you are literally playing in a small Sandbox and you become miniaturized-plastic toy solider. 

WWII Sandbox WWII Sandbox 1080p

The Sandbox map represents a brand new way to play Call of Duty: WWII. Not only are there massive summertime props that any beach-goer would recognize, Captain Butcher also has some tricks hiding up his (rolled up) sleeves.

“Captain Butcher will pick up a magnifying glass and use it to burn the center area of the map,” said Matt Abbott, Lead Multiplayer Environment Artist at Sledgehammer Games. “Yeah, the magnifying glass creates some awesome chaos, because any combat that’s taking place in that area, you have got to watch out,” chimed in Spencer Nelson, Associate Producer for WWII.

The sandy landscape is littered with props – from plastic soldiers, colorful buckets, a garden hose, and even a huge rubber duckie. What better way to add to the prop frenzy than playing a little Prop Hunt? “Prop Hunt is pretty silly in Sandbox,” said Nelson. “We’re excited for people to try it out.”

There is also a new aerial dogfighting mode that will be available. 

Players can battle in the sweltering skies above the Egyptian Pyramids, or swoop in and around the clouds of the Crimean Mountains. There are now environmental obstacles for the player to navigate with their warbird, as well as huge zeppelins and white puffy clouds dominating the skyline. Players can use the obstacles to shake off bogeys and stay alive long enough to earn a Flak Gun Scorestreak.

WWII Dogfight 1080p

Watch Event Trailer

Source: PlayStation Blog

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