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In a recent interview for PlayStation Blog David Vonderhaar aka Lord Vonderhaar has confirmed that the much anticipated Battle Royale mode Blackout in Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 will be played in first person mode.

In the interview, Vonderhaar says Call of Duty will deliver Battle Royale uniquely because of the heritage and the 10 years worth of Black Ops content that can be brought together for this mode. It’s “distinctly first person, obviously,” he says.

During the keynote reveal, Vahn stated that the map is 1500 times bigger than Nuketown. In this interview with PlayStation blog, he says that that estimate is on the conservative side, claiming it will end up being bigger than what they’re hinting at so far.

“1500 times bigger than Nuketown. And I think that’s probably being conservative really. We did some map math and you know it’s a big world. Biggest we’ve ever created for sure. And you navigate it with land, sea, and air vehicles – both new and inspired by the games that came before it.”

The full interview can be heard here,

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