Latest Twitch Prime Loot Out Now

Twitch Prime has just released the latest of free loot for Call Of Duty: WWII if you have a Twitch Prime account.

This is the fifth of six free loot and this one is called Honor and Glory. You will get three Honor and Glory Supply Drops. you will get one dupe protected uniform, one dupe protected weapon charm and one dupe protected helmet. Alongside these, you will also get two random items.

If you are not a Twitch Prime member then head over to here and get started with your Twitch account. If you already have a Twitch Prime account then you need to make sure your Call Of Duty and Twitch Prime accounts are linked together. You will then be able to collect your free loot from the mail station in the Headquarters in Call Of Duty: WWII.

Source: Twitch Prime

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