What Goodies Awaits Us?

Sledgehammer Games has posted there latest Community Update blog and it contains some good information about Domination XL, Heroic Weapon Bribes, Paint Shop, and lots more for Call Of Duty: WWII.

Leaderboards not updating: An update was pushed by Sledgehammer and they are monitoring the performance of the update.

Community Choice Playlist: Already active in the game is a playlist chosen by a community vote that Sledgehammer held on Reddit. Full details can be found HERE.

Domination XL: Due to be rolled out at the end of March with a new upcoming special holiday event that has yet to be announced.

Heroic Weapon Bribe: A Heroic Weapon Bribe Special Order went live in-game this week but the bribe was not working as intended – being dupe-protected. Sledgehammer Games has removed the bribe for now until the issues can be fixed.

Hardcore Team Killing/Ricochet: If you’re a Hardcore fan you might like to hear that starting March 9th Sledgehammer Games will run a separate hardcore playlist with ricochet so that when you shoot a teammate, you take the damage instead of them.

Paint Shop: Testing has taken longer than expected and Sledgehammer Games admits they should not have mentioned the timing of this feature until they were sure it was good to go straight away. No final date has been set as of yet until more testing has been completed.
Paint Shop

Weapon and Uniform Update: A massive update is planned in the coming weeks to bring more weapons and uniforms to the games but no details have been announced except for the image teased.
Weapon & Uniform Update WWII

Nazi Zombies Update

Fall Damage and Loss of Armor: Sledgehammer Games has been listening to your views on this and have decided to remove fall damage so you will no longer lose your armor when you fall. This fix will be applied in the next upcoming update.

Red Screen of Pain: The red screen will be made less obtrusive in the next update meaning you will be able to better see what is in front of you.

Source: Sledgehammer Games Blog

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