Oh They Are Teasing You!

A live action trailer for Call Of Duty: WWII was released for the launch of the first DLC The Resistance. Within this trailer, though it featured three teasers for you to find. They lead to three locations in the new maps in the first DLC for you to go find the secret codes. Here is where you will find the three teasers.

  • Teaser 1 (Position in trailer 0:11): The two guys are communicating in the elevator in morse code, it translates to Molotov which is referring to the Molotov crate on the DLC map Anthropoid. A code is located on the crate NSUWC.
    WWII Anthropoid Code
  • Teaser 2 (Position in trailer 0:32): During the restaurant scene, a note is passed along containing the word ‘Dilní Bee Nida’anéhigíí,’ which is a Navajo word for a musical instrument. Find the accordion in the map Occupation to locate the code CWBYE.
    WWII Occupation Code
  • Teaser 3 (Position in trailer 0:43): During the conference room scene, a map is shown with ‘Operation Valkyrie,’ referring to the map Valkyrie in the DLC Pack. In the map shown in the trailer, there’s an X spot highlighting the location of a briefcase. Find the briefcase in-game at that spot for another code ZZPJX.
    WWII Valkyrie Code

Once you have visited all the three locations within the maps you can go to the  Call of Duty Classified site to redeem your codes and see what new teasers await you. You will have to redeem the code in a specific order and that is in order of teaser 2,1 then 3.

Once you enter the codes the dials respin and after all three codes the respun letter spell out ‘Resistance is now’

You then by clicking on objects have access to,

  • 5 WWII Resistance Themed Wallpapers (Direct Download Link)
  • 6 Pages of Documents giving information on the 3 DLC Maps featured in DLC1
  • Resistance Themed WWII in-game Calling Card (not live in-game yet)

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