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Michael Conrey has posted on Reddit about how there will be some weapon tuning in Call Of Duty: WWII this week and hopefully expected to land on Thursday 18th. Nothing has been given way as to what changes are coming and just that as soon as they come we will get the specific information of what has been buffed or nerfed.

On deck this week are some weapon tuning changes to improve balance across all weapon classes. Small change can have big impacts, so we’re being very careful to test and measure internally before pushing live. We suspect an update by Thursday, and will share the specific changes then.

Another two points were mentioned in his post and the first one was that they have been looking into score streak tuning this past week but as of yet, nothing has been settled for if they will make any changes. 

We’re also looking into score streak tuning this week. There’s great dialog and healthy debate in the studio about strength vs cost of our streaks. Do we buff the strengths? Do we lower the costs? Both? Similar to weapon balance above, small changes can have big impacts, so we want to be careful. Everyone loves earning streaks, but no one loves being in a match that’s getting streak spammed by the enemy team.

Lastly, though he mentions that there is a game update pending that is sat with their partners waiting to be approved for release later this month. The only details we have so far for that update is that it will be a large update that has new content and game features along with lots of fixes and improvements to the game. A full list of the changes will be shared again once the update is released so stay tuned for all the details to come.

Source: Reddit

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