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Sledgehammer Games has posted a short post on Reddit saying they have heard the community’s feedback on Call Of Duty: WWII. They know you are wanting a greater flow of communication from them and feel that even though it is great to reply to individuals as they can that they feel it would be beneficial for them to post more frequent updates on Reddit as well to the community as a whole.

They have shared with there post a small list of top issues in the community that they have seen and have stated that some of these issues need to be fixed and that some are design choices and that they will share more details on each item soon,

  • Sprint out times
  • Spectating issue at beginning of matches
  • Domination 50 score per kill
  • Announcer volume levels
  • Health regeneration
  • Shellshock from friendly explosions
  • Scorestreaks
  • Shotgun tuning

Source: Reddit

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