Test Playlist Plus More Coming In January

Michael Condrey has posted on Reddit a short post of what we can expect to see in Call Of Duty: WWII in January.

  • The Resistance DLC with three new MP maps, War map and a new zombies chapter
  • CWL New Orleans — they are working to enable live streaming of this event inside of the theater in HQ on PS4
  • Weapon Tuning Updates coming next week
  • Domination XL Test Playlist, which has 100 points per kill
  • Full game update with fixes coming this month
  • Plans to fix the Spectator bug issue in the next update for PS4 and Xbox One, PC experience improved with updates over holiday

The test playlist of Domination XL sounds interesting and personally, I look forward to giving it a try myself.

DLC 1 Resistance Coming Jan 30 To PS4

Source: Reddit

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