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Recently Micheal Condrey has taken to Reddit to openly talk about game modes in Call Of Duty: WWII. He talks about how “Map design, modes, spawns, and competitive balance are all incredibly intertwined factors throughout development.” 

In the post, he talks about how it might not be apparent to many people but another big part that they have to take into consideration is Player Fragmentation and that they have to be careful to not have to many game modes active as this could cause less than ideal lobby wait times and matchmaking problems due to the sheer scope of the size of the player base across different regions and time zones in the least popular game modes.

He then tackles the burning question of ‘Will Ground War Appear in Call Of Duty: WWII?’ and at the moment the answer is they have and are thinking about it but is not on there current roadmap to bring it to the game. Reasonings given is that they feel that the current maps would not play well with spawns with a 9v9 format and could cause frustrations of bad spawns with players and this is something they try hard to avoid. During development of the game, it was considered to add Ground War but they felt it would need its own maps like War mode does and that it would not have been feasible during development as they needed to concentrate on multiplayer first. Here is hoping though that they do find time to bring Ground War to WWII as many players have been asking for the mayhem of Ground War.

Source: Reddit

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