Weapons, Supply Drops and Much More To Come

It has been announced by Sledgehammer Games as to what to expect during the Winter Siege event in Call Of Duty: WWII starting on December 8 until January 2.

Captain Butcher

First of there is the free to all to play map Winter Carentan that we already know about that will be coming but new is Captain Butcher that will be stepping into the fray to give the Quartermaster a much-needed winter break. Stepping in to take her place Captain Butcher is a former British Special Air Service soldier who will be manning the Quartermasters desk and whenever he is there you can be sure there will special content available. The special content will be new Winter Siege uniforms, cosmetic items, and all new weapon variants. Activision says that all the weapon variants coming to the game in this update only have cosmetic differences. There are no stat based changes other than offering 2XP boosts as we currently have now.

Supply Drops

Also during the event will be free Winter Siege supply drops that you will be able to claim one free drop a week when you log in. In these Winter Siege supply drops you will be able to grab yourself some of the new gear like Weapons, Helmets, Calling Cards, Emotes, and more that will be available. During the event, the rare supply drops will be replaced with the Winter Siege supply drops.


The new weapons that will become available are the GPMG LMG, the Sten SMG, the Gewehr 43 Assault Rifle, Trench Knife, and Ice Pick. You will be able to earn for free one variant of each of these weapons in-game by visiting Major Howard and completing special orders to earn them. You can also obtain a unique Winterized version of each weapon as a Collection Reward, along with special Winter Uniforms.

As an added bonus as well if you have a Twitch Prime membership you will enjoy even more free loot with six months of Supply Drop Packs and an exclusive animated Weapon Camo.

Gun Game

The long-awaited Gun Game is coming back as well to the latest Call Of Duty on December 15th and with it will come a 24/7 Gun Game playlist that will have Double XP and there will even be special Gun Game orders available from Major Howard to complete.

Finally, the Headquarters will be winterized as well and snow will be falling for the event so enjoy the snow while it lasts.


Here is the schedule of events for the whole four weeks so you know what to expect.


Source: Call Of Duty

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