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Hardpoint is a game mode in Call Of Duty: WWII that has rotating capture points that you earn points for holding the location. Hardpoint is won when the first team reaches the score limit of 250 points. An advantage of Hardpoint is that the capture points are always the same and always rotate in the same order for each map. So if you are wise to the locations you can have some of your team go to the next capture point before it rotates to gain an advantage over the opposing team.

Here are the ten maps that Hardpoint is played on and the locations of each capture point and the order in which they rotate for you to take advantage of.


Aachen HP


Anthropoid HP

Ardennes Forest

Ardennes Forest HP


Carentan HP

Flak Tower

Flak Tower


Gibraltar HP

Gustav Cannon

Gustav Cannon HP

London Docks

London Docks HP


Occupation HP

Pointe du Hoc

Pointe du Hoc HP

Sainte Marie du Mont

Sainte Marie du Mont HP

USS Texas

USS Texas HP


Valkyrie HP

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