New Patch Incoming

Get ready as Sledgehammer Games has announced a new patch will be coming out next week for Call Of Duty: WWII.

Unusually we have been given some early details for what the patch will include for bug fixes and weapon tuning,

  • Map exploit fixes
  • UI improvements
  • Fixes to issues with Party
  • Connectivity optimizations
  • Adjusted the BAR (increased recoil)
  • Reduced the flinch-reduction in the Primed Basic Training
  • Fixed the “snaking” exploit while crouching and proning repeatedly
  • Fixed an important bug with the smoke grenade.
  • + more details to come.

Sledgehammer say they are also playtesting flinch across all primary weapons and will look to update this as long as weapon balance remains as it should be.

Source: Reddit

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