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If you are looking to gain XP fast in Call Of Duty: WWII to get through those prestige levels quicker there are a few things you can do to maximise your time in the game.

Choose The Right Game Mode

WWII Game Mode

To maximise your XP then the best game modes to be in is objective based game modes. For example, in domination, you earn XP per kill and for when you capture the domination point. You also get bonus XP when you kill someone who is trying to capture and point or if you kill someone while capturing a domination point.

Another good game mode to rack up that lovely XP is Kill Confirmed where you get 50xp for a kill and then 75xp for collecting the tag from your kill. This gives you the chance to earn 125xp per kill. A word of warning though is you need to keep your wits about you in Kill Confirmed as yes you might have got that kill but there could very easily be another player just coming around the corner as you run for that tag. As another bonus, though you will gain XP for picking up tags that have not been claimed and you can quickly earn your scorestreaks as well this way.

Pay Attention to Orders and Contracts

WWII Contracts WWII Orders

Key an eye on the orders and contracts sections in multiplayer as these are a treasure trove full of XP and even chunks of double XP game time. Pick the ones you know you can complete quickly and give you the best chance of winning them. Even better as well is the fact that you can see what the reward will be before accepting them so you can choose wisely.


WWII Challenges

There is lots of XP to be gained by paying attention to your Challenges. This is often an overlooked section that people tend to forget about but you are missing out on a lot of XP. There are literally hundreds of Challenges to complete and you can pick which ones you want to concentrate on just by simply looking to see what you still have to complete and then grind out them to get that precious XP.


WWII Scorestreaks

Your scorestreak loadout should ideally be entirely made up of support streaks. Support scorestreaks are typically the easiest to get since they cost fewer points than the more aggressive ones. But beyond that, they often end up getting you a lot of points for assists every time a teammate gets a kill because of them.

The recon aircraft is the best and most obvious example of this. It’s relatively easy to score and will give you assists every few seconds, especially on smaller maps where people are getting kills constantly. The counter recon aircraft is another, and the same goes for the care packages if you end up sharing them.

The points gained per minute go even higher if you spec for support streaks in Kill Confirmed. You’ll start seeing points just rolling in for relatively little effort, and it’s a much safer option than going for attack streaks.

Use Epic Variants of Weapons

WWII Epic Weapons

Epic weapon variants are a great way to help rack up the XP as they can give you bonus XP while you are using them. They are currently hard to unlock as you need to complete everything in the collection before you are rewarded with the epic weapon. As you can see from the above image you need lots of armory credit to be able to get that special weapon.

With that in mind if you have one weapon that you enjoy using then concentrate on that particular weapon and use all your armory credit for that one weapon until you have unlocked it. So as you grind out those games you will earn more and more armory credit to put towards that Epic weapon of your choice.

You can get them in Supply Drops but it is random and there is no guarantee you will get the weapon of your dreams.

Play Hardcore

WWII Hardcore

A final way to maximise your time in WWII is to play in the Hardcore game modes as these tend to play faster and the games are shorter giving you more XP per minute than Core game modes.

A word of warning though is that if you haven’t played Hardcore before you might find it very frustrating, to begin with as you will feel like you are dying very quickly and that is because of the reduced health you start of with. Everyone is in the same boat though and given time you will soon start to enjoy the game mode with its fast-paced games and quickly earning XP

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