Man Now Faces Felony Charges

A man from Terre Haute in Indiana US has been caught trying to sell copies of Call Of Duty: WWII on eBay. Dshaye Towles faces a misdemeanour charge of theft but also faces a felony charge of ‘offence against intellectual property’ because Call Of Duty: WWII has not even be released yet and is not due out until November 3.

He was selling the games on eBay for $45 each but it is unknown at this time how he got hold of the games from the Sony DADC centre in Terre Haute. There were reports in early October of both Call Of Duty: WWII and Madden 18 being stolen from the Sony DADC centre and police are still investigating as to how Dshaye Towles came into possession of the game as there is no record of him ever working at the Sony DADC centre.


Source: WTHITV

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