Possible Locked Features Revealed

A PC player has posted on Reddit that they have possibly found an unfinished menu for the Call Of Duty: WWII beta on PC. As ever though caution has to be taken with these possible leaks as they could maybe never make it to the game and could only be there for testing and some of the menus as well appear to be carried over from Advanced Warfare.

The unfinished menu appears to show game modes we have not seen before and includes one called Gridiron which looks like to be a boots on the ground version of uplink with the portals being on the ground instead of in the air like previous games.

The leaked menus though do appear to reveal that the leaked images reveal Carentan as a Season Pass Bonus Map may, in fact, be true as you can see it is listed in the unfinished menus along with nine other maps making it ten maps in total for launch. As always though you need to take this with caution as it is an unfinished version and the total number maps at launch could be different.

As you can see from the images above of the menus that some of them do still have content from Advanced Warfare and are being used as placeholders for the moment. If anything new develops on this we will keep you updated.

Source: Reddit

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