Be The Center Of Attention In WWII

GameInformer this month has an exclusive cover story for Call Of Duty: WWII and the three game mode available in the game.

They shared some details about the multiplayer Headquarters which is the new social space within the game. GameInformer has said that you will be able to open supply drops in the Headquarters while your friends watch to see what you get in your drops. Part of the game involves a ‘social score’ in Headquarters and the more you take part in events and within the Headquarters the higher your ‘social score’ will be.

What does a higher ‘social score’ get you though you may ask. Well according to GameInformer the higher your ‘social score’ the greater the chance you have of earning better loot in the supply drops.

Another point of interest that they mentioned as well was the fact that if you open a supply drop and get something cool in your drop then everyone around you watching will also get a prize as well. As for what that prize will be remains to be seen as no details have been given on that at the moment.

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