Yes There Scorestreak NOT Killstreaks

At E3 we were finally allowed to play multiplayer for the first time and see what the current build of the game contained. There was twelve scorestreaks avaliable in the game bt appears to be space yet for more.

The scorestreaks are basically still the same as previous games were you earn them by gaining score through actions you perform in the game. Scorestreaks are not per class bases. You chose it once for your overall character for a certain game, similar to Black Ops 3.

  • Recon Aircraft 400pts A recon aircraft that reveals enemies location on the mini-map
  • Counter Recon Aircraft 425pts A fighter that destroys an enemy Recon Aircraft or Counter Recon Aircraft, or blocks enemy Recon Aircraft.
  • Flamethrower 500pts A portable backpack flamethrower.
  • Fighter Pilot 525pts Fly a strafing run in a fighter aircraft.
  • Care Package 550pts A Care Package is delivered on a parachute; it contains a random Scorestreak.
  • Glide Bomb 650pts A remote controlled bomb.
  • Mortar Strike 750pts A precision strike upon three targeted location.
  • Artillery Barrage 850pts An artillery barrage on a designated location.
  • Flak Guns 950pts Destroy all enemy Scorestreaks and block enemies from using new ones.
  • Paratroopers 1000pts Call in paratrooper reinforcements.
  • Carpet Bombing 1200pts An aerial obliteration bombing that makes multiple passes over the enemy occupied territory.
  • Ball Turret Gunner 1400pts Occupy a B-17G and decimate enemies with its ball turret.

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