New Codes Are Below

Activision has updated there header images on the Twitter, Facebook and there YouTube channel in the run up to start of E3. 

Each new image contains a new code for the Call Of Duty: WWII Classified site which was originally brought to life by entering hidden code found during the launch of WWII

The new codes are as follows and must be entered in the following order (enter on


After entering these new codes the site now shows new personal files on characters from the campaign of Call ff Duty: WWII and what appears to be a radio from World War II. If you change the frequency of the radio you can listen to different things. Also when you change the bottom right setting from Low to High (or switching Off to On and then toggle back and forth), two new dossiers appeared with two images inside of each.

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  1. Klot

    for some reason after putting in the codes, the radio receiver doesn’t have any sound. and Marie’s Journals is empty. But you can hear pages turn if you use the arrow keys…

    • Klot

      Ive tried this on multiple browsers both Mac and PC. Anyone else having issues? Or is this their way of saying, it’s over?


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