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If you head over to the Call Of Duty: WWII Classified website at ( then you can enter five secret codes that have been found on billboards around the world to give you access to the free rare calling card that you will get when the game is released.

Enter each code in turn as follows,


Once you have entered the codes you will enter into a different part of the site and you will be presented with four personel files starting with Crowley, Edgar a Major in Special Operations Executive. Next you get Zussman and private in the 1st infantry division then Rousseau the leader of the Maquis and finally Daniels, Ronald a private in the 1st infantry division as well.

Once you have scrolled through the files you will be shown a file that in large text reads ‘First in, First to win. Well done, soldier! Now claim your calling card’. If you click on this file you will be taken to another webpage where you can enter your account details to claim your free calling card.

No one knows yet what the calling card will look like but it more than likely will be a very special one for you to show.

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