Could Call Of Duty 2017 Being Revealed April 25?

A Twitter user going by the name @ParadigmShifti has tweeted to Charlie Intel a possible image for forth coming Call Of Duty marketing to arrive on 25 April at GameStop.

If you look closely at the image you can see on the left it is marked as ‘Activision Title’ and Shipment will arrive on Tuesday April 25. Above the layout format in blue text you can see the title APR24.END.COD which leads us to believe that this is for Call Of Duty as on the right it is marked as APR24.END.DES and that is clearly labelled as Destiny below.

Speculation has been that the next Call Of Duty coming from Sledgehammer Games for 2017 will be called WWII and hopefully come April 25 we will find out if this has proved to be true.


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