Another Possible Leaked Image

Could this be possibly another leaked image to appear to confirm that in 2017 we will see Call Of Duty: WWII. There has been numerous rumors circulating recently that suggest that is the case but a few have already been proven to be fake.

This image though appears to be a mock up of what a retailer poster will contain and one of the most startling things revealed is that in the top right hand corner it says “PlayStation Exclusive – Play DLC Map Packs 30 Days Early.” If this proves to be true then that will mean PlayStation has retained the deal to be exclusive again with Call Of Duty.

Some users on Reddit made a comparison image from a previous leaked image to the one we have just seen asn as you can see there is a number of points in the image that both match up with.

Image Comparison

As always though you must remember that this is only a rumor and that Activision has so far not mentioned anything about the 2017 title for Call Of Duty.

WWII Retailer Poster

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