That’s Correct You Read It Right A Whole Week!

Starting January 27th at 10am PT and running until February 3rd at 10am PT you will get both Double XP and Double Weapon XP in Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare. This will be available in both multiplayer and zombies as well. 

Now some find it strange that we are getting it for a whole week compared to just a weekend. There is two trains of thought for this and first and probably more likely is that the first DLC Sabotage is released on Tuesday the 31st on PlayStation 4 and they are letting the Double XP event run through the release of the new DLC to help drive up sales of it. Secondly people are talking about could this possibly lead to more levels being added to the multiplayer but this is only a feeling people have and only Infinity Ward will really know how many people in the player base have hit master prestige already.

Zombies Double XP

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