No Dupes In Black Ops 3

Update: Big Box Bundle has returned April 28 for the weekend!

A new Big Box Bundle has been released in Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3. For 5000 Call Of Duty Points you can purchase the Big Box Bundle that gives you 100 Rare Supply Drops. This bundle will only be available for the week and ends on January 3rd at 23:59 PT.

Big Box Bundle

To do one better as well Treyarch have also activated a No Dupes guarantee as well to run alongside the Big Box Bundle. The No Dupe is worded as ‘No duplicates on Rare, Legendary, Epic, melee weapons, or ranged weapons unless all the items from those categories have been acquired.’ So given this it is now a good time if you are missing out on a few of the weapons to try and get them now as you will stand a lot higher chance of receiving them.

No Dupes

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