Infinity Ward Brings Tactical Team Deathmatch Back For The Holidays

Good news to all that enjoyed Tactical Team Deathmatch as Infnity Ward just tweeted out that they saw and loved all the comments received about Tactical Team Deathmatch.

They say it is live straight away but do not give an end date as I am sure they will want to keep an eye on it over the holidays for the extended time and see how it goes. So fingers crossed all goes well and we get to keep Tactical Team Deathmatch as it has seen very positive comments from the community. 

Tactical Team Deathmatch is a playlist were boost jumping has been disabled but wall running is still available to use the map to its fullest. Movement speeds have also been altered depending on the weapon class being used and weapon damage has been tweaked were the most notable is head shot damage has being increased.

New Playlist Tactical Team Deathmatch Coming To Infinite Warfare

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