Infinite Warfare Playlist Update Reveals DEV Testing Playlist

A recent playlist update in Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare has caused a stir as it was accidently revealed that Skill Based Matchmaking is being tested in Infinite Warfare.

The playlist was more than likely added unintentionally and is only supposed to be for in-house testing and not for the public eye.

Skill Based Matchmaking has caused a few problems before with the Call Of Duty community when players felt that Skill was being used as a factor for matchmaking rather than connection quality in Advanced Warfare. Sledgehammer Games ended up in the end having to soften the impact of the Skill Based Matchmaking to try and appease the community but some were still left dissatisfied. 

A word of caution though! This playlist is only meant to be for in-house testing and just because Skill Based Matchmaking appears in the playlist it does not mean it will go live within the public playlists itself.

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