Supply Drops will be returning to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Coming to Infinite Warfare is the concept called “Crafting” and this will allow you to take base weapons and turn them into Prototype weapons. You will craft weapons using the in-game currency called “Salvage”. There are a few ways to acquire Salvage in the game, you can earn Salvage by ranking up in the Mission Team you are enlisted in, through “Supply Drops” or by burning any duplicate items you may receive in a Supply Drop, and you will also be rewarded with Salvage through daily login bonuses. So the more you play, the more Salvage you will earn and the more Prototypes you can craft.

Prototype Weapons will come in four levels of rarity: COMMON, RARE, LEGENDARY, and EPIC, and each includes its own combination of perks. The LEGENDARY, and EPIC versions will be the most sought after in the game as they will have the best perks in the game that we will all try to collect.

Supply Drops can be obtained by exchanging “Keys” with the cybernetic arms dealer who is called the Quartermaster. Keys can be earned in game by just playing multiplayer matches or completing in-game challenges. More details of the how the whole Salvage and Keys system will work will be revealed in the Infinite Warfare Beta which is due to start tomorrow the 14th of October on PS4.

Source: Activision

Infinite Warfare Multiplayer BETA Details Revealed

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