In Salvation DLC there will be playable mechs!

Call Of Duty is about to get its first taste of playable mechs. Just like in Halo and Titanfall players will be able to take control of the mech and roam the map causing mayhem. There is little details known about this feature yet but we will find out shortly as they will arrive in DLC 4 Salvation in Black Ops 3. They will only appear in one map in Salvation and that will be Rupture as it was a remake of Outskirts from World at War. Outskirts had playable tanks on the map so this could possibly be why we have mechs in only Rupture. If you watch the short clip below from the Salvation multiplayer trailer you will see the 13 seconds of game play containing the mechs and at one point you can see two in the screen.

Outskirts WaW Tank

Black Ops 3 Salvation Coming September 6th on PS4

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