The preview is here for Cryogen one of the four new maps coming on the 12th of July for the Descent DLC.

Cryogen is a new map made specifically for the third DLC installment for Black Ops 3.

Cryogen is a cryogenic detention center located far off the coast in the Dead Sea. It is where some of the world’s most dangerous prisoners are frozen then stored for the term of there sentence. It looks to be a great small tight circular map with lots of cover and plenty of sharp corners to work your way around.


Cryogen is one of four maps coming in DLC 3 on the 12th of July and so far we have been seen Empire that is a remake of the Black Ops 2 favorite Raid. Also Berserk which is a new map centered around a frozen viking village. All we are left to see a preview of now is Rumble and so far from all the maps we have seen they all look amazing.

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Empire Preview

Berserk Preview

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