Learn how to survive and level up faster in Black Ops 3, includes best games modes and challenges to gain easy XP.

Everyone always asks ‘How do you level up faster in Black Ops 3?’ so here is your guide on how to climb up the levels faster so you can unlock new perks, specialists, weapons and enhancements quicker. The quickest way to earn XP is to play objective based games likes of Kill Confirmed, Search and Destroy and Uplink to name just a few. You will earn the standard XP for your kills but then on top of that you will get extra for completing the objective of the game.

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Game Modes for easy XP

In Kill Confirmed you get 50xp as standard for your kills and then on top of that if you play the objective and collect your tags you get another 100xp so for one kill alone you can claim a total of 150xp. The easiest way to the 150xp is to run an SMG class set up for a run and gun game style with the specialist Ruin with overclock on as his ability giving you that even faster boast of speed for a short time to slay your enemy. Don’t forget to switch up your weapons to get unlocks for each weapon and it will help you level up faster.

Black Ops 3 Capture The Flag

Play Capture the Flag for lots of XP

Capture the Flag is a high-scoring game mode. Compared to Search, respawn time is much shorter (4 seconds). You also earn points for more than just kills. You’ll receive points for capturing the flag from an enemy base, killing a flag holder, returning your flag and of course – capturing the enemy flag. There are many opportunities to score points in capture the flag just, like domination!

Black Ops 3 Kill Points

  • Kill: 50 Points
  • Kill + pickup: 150 Points
  • Headshots: 100 + 100(Double XP)
  • Kill Confirmed: 58 Points
  • Confirmed tags: 100 Points

How to Level Up Faster In Black Ops 3

As an added bonus but not an easy one to get is that on top of your 150xp it is possible to earn another 100xp by killing your enemy with a headshot brings your total for that one kill up to a whooping 250xp. This though is not easy to get so my recommendation is to play for the kills and tags and if the opportunity presents itself as in you come up behind an enemy and have time to aim for the head then go for it but otherwise just go for the kill and tag alone.

Black Ops 3 Challenges

Completing Black Ops 3 Challenges

The next thing that can help you level up faster is to complete challenges within the game. By far the easiest challenge to go for is the Bloodthirsty challenge which is getting a five kill streak. Each challenge has tiers of the challenge and for completing each tier you are awarded XP and each tier grants more than the rest. For example for the first tier of Bloodthirsty you get 1000 XP. Then the second Tier you need to kill 25 Bloodthirsty which will award you 1500 XP and in the third tier for 50 Bloodthirsty you get 2500 XP.

Black Ops 3 has a multiplayer menu that shows all the challenges that are “Near Completion“. Focus on these challenges as well as, finding other challenges you know you can complete at the same time. Our recommendation is to go look at the challenges and find the easy ones for you and work on them to get your bonus XP. Also remember each weapon has their own challenges so don’t stick to the same weapon all the time and work on each one to get there challenges to take advantage of their XP bonus.

Black Ops 3 UAV

Use the UAV and Counter UAV
These streaks will allow for much easier kills and extra points, you gain points while you’re UAV or CUAV is active and has helped your team! These assist points will add up over time, you can also choose perks that work well with your scorestreaks – kill two birds with one stone.

Go enjoy the game and find out what works best for you and let us know in the comments how you are getting on.

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